Saturday, September 5, 2009

Ali Abu Hassan (Side Signature) of RM50

If you are a Malaysian, sure you have seen and used this RM50 note before. However, something very surprising is, do you know that this note is selling with the shop retail price around RM350 -400 (even higher so far) for 100% new and original condition. In your mind, sure you will have the idea, "I still have a lot of these RM50 previous design notes, why not I sell cheaper even half lower to you?" is totally different!!

Furthermore, you will think who so stupid rather to pay 7-8 times higher than the denomination value for it? Definitely is our dearest friend Mr NG XXX XXXXX.

What is so different for this notes? Why it is so costly?


  1. not mistaken....under your katil also got a piece of this notes right??
    hmm.....dunno who is stupid now ler.....

  2. by the, why dun you share with us the most precious coin you have??
    the one that you buy with 26000% more than it's face value ler.....
    sure many ppl will interested with it....

  3. my answer: the signature of the gabenor which is at the side there?

    wc, 26000% higher than its face value... is it the rm13xx coin oh?

  4. wowww.. cant wait for that!!
    nobita faster share ur precious coin here lah!!

  5. Double U+C: i bukan cakap u lah!!

    yee yee: tak fair, you dah tahu dahulu!!

    d7: wait arr, actually bukan ape ape precious coin.

  6. nobita kun, i'm sure that NG XXX XXXXX is double U+C la.. haha...

  7. i just said you also have this note....u r the one who say urself stupid....