Thursday, September 17, 2009

1 Design but 3 varieties..

Sure you all know this is our new designation of RM50 banknote, however do you know that this designation exists in 3 varieties actually. The 1st and 2nd varieties issued at the year 2007 in order to commemorate our 50th Anniversary of Independence. It also is our 2rd commemorative banknotes in Malaysia money printing record so far ( The first commemorative banknote is Commonwealth Games 1998

The different of 1st and 2nd series is their margin edge of the notes, the first is called "golden edge series" and latter called "silver edge series". The golden edge series only issued about 20000 pieces which are AA0000001-AA0020000, and silver edge series are start from AA0020001-AA5000000, which around 48000 pieces. Sure the golden edge series is much more higher in market price about RM250-300 and silver edge series around RM55-60.

However, the 3rd series is the circulation banknotes, its designation is similiar with the silver edge series, but without the 50th Independence Logo and "1957-2007" at the bottom of the notes. It is the different of commemorative notes with circulation notes. Nowadays, majority of countries also using such a way to issue the commemorative notes ( the design is the same with current or future circulation banknotes but only add on somethings like logo and make it slightly different), it is because the production cost in designation of new banknotes is great costly, that is no economy value if only issue the commemorative notes with 100% new design.

Golden Edge Series (Jul 2007)
Silver Edge Series (Jul 2007)

Circulated Series (Jul 2009)

**Only for illustration purpose, not for printing


  1. I have one piece of the silver edge issues!!! hihi

  2. i know, u kept it in Harry Porter Book...haha

    dun keep the note like tat, next time it will yellow stained, no value anymore!