Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Gold minted Malaysia 1 cent (RM0.01) coin ?

hei, ladies and gentlement,

Please do not doubt for it, that is exactly true!!
It is nothing impossible that the coins in your piggy box, coin box, wallet ....  are actually minted by GOLD!! 

It has been evidenced by Singapore Monetorium Auction today, there is a set of 1988 Malaysia circulation coins which are gold, silver and brass minted for auction. The estimated market price is about SGD 30,000 - 35,000 (exclusive from buyer premium and GST).  It was some recap in my memories that I have seen a silver-minted 1988 20 cents was sold by a famous coin dealer before at Amcrop Mall about 3 years ago, the selling price was about RM250 only at that time.

Sadly to say, I didn't buy it!!!!!   You should have a carpet-searching to your piggy box before it is too late!

MALAYSIA - MODERN ISSUES Off Metal 1988 Gold 1 Sen MS63, Copper & Silver 5 Sen MS62 RB & MS66, Copper, Silver & Gold 10 Sen MS63 RB, MS65 & MS63, Copper, Silver (2) & Gold 20 Sen MS65 RD, MS65, MS66 & MS65 (All NGC Slabbed) Extremely Rare. (10pcs)