Friday, August 28, 2009

Kisah Sekeping Syiling 50 sen (Part 2)

It is the fake coin!!! Do you know that there are a lot of the fake coin that exists in our market today. In order to prove that it is the fake, let me show you one of the "treasury collection", 50 sen proof coin as reference to illustrate the pro and cons among of then. Proof coin is the special made coin that are very detailed in every part of the coin and usually made by precious metal such as copper, silver or gold. At the ancient time proof coin was used by the bank counter to check the geniality of the coin as last time 20 sen also was consider very valuable. However, nowadays the proof coin more to just the collection of the collector rather than checking purpose as coin is less value and replaced by the machine to do the identification job.

You should know that all the coin actually is molded by same designed mold. However, our Malaysia coin factory also has his own problem in molding the coin before that especially at the year 2000-2002 , you will find that the coin actually is a little bit different in cutting and appearances as usual, someone said that it was because of the Perkilangan Syling Malaysia facing the technical problem and subcontract the project to other country. However, start from 2003 our coins actually as "identical same" with the mold start using at the year 1989 and only in different in year.

Try to compared carefully for this two coin, you will identify the problem of the fake coin. They are not the same, the track of the kite, the word style of "Bank Negara Malaysia", at the reverse even the security edge cutting of the coin which written "BANK NEGARA MALAYSIA" also not the same in length, more lighter only about 8.33g which 1 g more lighter than genuine coin.

As, conclusion it is fake coin!!!!!!

It was the latest news about the 50 sen fake coin.

However according to my experience, it is not the latest version of fake coin. The fake coin i shows actually is the old version of fake coin, which is very easy to identify. However, my collector friends told me that, the latest version even can said that more than 95% above is the same, even the bank machine also fail to identify. It only different in weight and BANK NEGARA MALAYSIA term at the reverse are a little shallow in track.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

How much do you think for his hairsyle worth?

This uncle is one of the richest man named Haji Hassanal Bolkiah, he works as a King of Brunei, Prime Minister, Defense and Finance Minister of Brunei. He is only the king that still having the admistration vector power in the world today. Wah, you see how" busy" he is!!!

He currently has two wives, with Raja Isteri Pengiran Anak Hajah Saleha being designated his first wife. His former second wife, Pengiran Isteri Hajah Mariam, was a former stewardess for the national carrier, Royal Brunei Airlines (RBA) whom he divorced in 2003, stripping her of all her royal titles. In August 2005 her place was taken by a former Malaysian TV3 presenter, Azrinaz Mazhar Hakim, who is 33 years younger than the Sultan. Malaysia Boleh!!!

Since our uncle Bolkiah is a very important public people in his country. He is the spiritual leader in the eye of Brunei's lady....hahah. He also very emphasizes on his appearance especially for his hairstyle. Every 3-4 weeks, he will call his loving barber, Ken Modestou purposely flies from Britain to Brunei to cut his fair. Bolkiah also very concerns for his health, in order to avoid the H1N1 virus spread from his barber, he purposely books a private personal plane for him, which cost about RM63740.

Question: Do you know that how much our uncle Bolkiah pays for his hairstyle as shown in the picture above(exclusive for transportation)? How much it worth in your view?

A. FOC (free of charged)
B. RM5000-9999
C.RM 10,000- 49,999
D.RM50,000 - 99,999
E. RM 100,000>

Congratulation,dzulia, d7 you are the winner!!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

How long of "your" penis?

Who has the largest penis in the world? Are you? Seon? Khim Hoe? Choon? hahaha, don't berlagak lah (pretend), how can you compared your "little brother" with our largest mamal in the world - BLUE WHALES!!!Have you ever seen the penis of our whales?

Wah!! you see as shown in the diagram beside, how fertile for its little brother, look carefully it is under the relax state only. Try to imagine, while the expansion long it should be? Do you jealous for the happiness of the female whales?hahaha

I think eating whales penis is "more supplement value" than the tiger penis, deer penis, since it has the more energitic value. Moreover, whales (and dolphins) have some control over their penises: they can move it and - to a certain degree - bend its tip to facilitate mating! Wah!!!!!!!

Question is coming,hahah

How long of the penis (under expansion) do you think for a mature blue whales? (The answer is only an approximation and average.)

hurry!! yee yee and choon were the winner of this section!! even google the answer!! very good study behavior!!

How old of our parliament?

How well do you know about parliament Malaysia? A place of fighting among the BN with PR? The general office of Lim Kit Siang, sorry now is replaced by Anwar..haha

How old of our parliament system? Since our country formed at 1957, then majority of you must said 52 years old lah! No! No! It is wrong, our parliament only 50th years old and formed at the year 1959. However our parliament house was finished constructed at the year 1963.

The following is the statement from wikipedia:

The Malaysian Houses of Parliament is a building complex where the MalaysianParliament assembles.

The complex comprises two parts, a 3-storey main building and a 17-storey tower. The main building hosts the Dewan Rakyat and the Dewan Negara while representatives' offices are located in the tower.

Tunku Abdul Rahman, the first Malayan Prime Minister, suggested the construction of the Houses of Parliament in December 1959. Construction commenced in September 1962, and the opening of the new Parliament building was officiated by Tuanku Syed Putra ibni Almarhum Syed Hassan Jamalullail, the third Yang di-Pertuan Agong, on November 21, 1963. The construction of the building cost RM18 million. The Tunku Abdul Rahman's statue was erected near the parliament square. At that period, it was considered as one of the modenest building in KL.

In conjunction of the 50th Anniversary of Parliament Malaysia, Bank Negara had issued the commemorative coin. It is one of the coin with high commemorative value in the view of collectors the latest commemorative coin so far.

Technical Information:

Name: Parliament Malaysia 50th Year Anniversary Commemorative Coin

Type: Proof

Material: Sterling Silver 92.5%

Weight: : 21g

Mintage: 300

Denomination: RM10

Issue Date: 2/7/2009

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Why the snake die at Snake Festival , Nag-Pancham?

Every year of 26th July (Hindu Calendar), there are one strange festival is called Snake Festival (Nag-Pancham) held at North India. When this festival is arrived thousand million of the Hinduism Adherent will pray for the snake. Some of the prayers are drawing the snake portrait on the temple wall and praying it to asking the shield and wealth from snake god as they believe. While the praying progress in going on, the snake is enshrined for the milk, as a worship to the snake.

However, at the end of the festival thousand of the snakes died in the temple every year? Do you know why?

Congratulation!! Yee yee was the winner of this section!

Answer as comment below..

Monday, August 24, 2009

Da Ma Cai- Pan Malaysia Pool Sdn Bhd!! do you have the better model to do the lucky draw?

This model who responsible for drawing the latest social welfare tickets lucky number results!! However, you try to look at her face, do you think that you will win the number?even tak ada selera nak makan!!(lost appetite)

As one of the supporter of the social welfare ticket, and a regular customer, i strongly comment and complaint to Da Ma Cai- Pan Malaysia Pool Sdn Bhd!! do you have the better model to do the lucky draw?

Patutlah, i never win the number even 3 numbers behind also never win before, don't said the 7 number + 1 jackpot number !!

your company pakai (use) model yang so teruk(very horrible)!!your company so "ng dian"(facing financial cash flow problem) recently? How much for this lady for this section? RM2 per hour?

pls lah, take care the welfare of us as the customer!!

"Kisah Sekeping Syiling 50 sen" (Part 1)

This 5o sen coin was received at the last month from an economic rice shop. When i received, it gave me a very cordial feeling, then i looked at it further carefully... I was smiling and showing a very happiness expression to the the boss. Maybe in the mind of the boss.."budak ni gila kerr, tak benar tengok 50 sen syiling ker?"(is that this guy never see the 50 sen coin)

Do you know why was I smiling at that time? haha, quizz!!

Answer will be announced within a week!!

*Please click on the picture front page for larger presentation.

First prize: 1st kiss of Nobita!!

Hurry up, while stock last!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Tree Man, pity man..hopefully he will recover soon..

He was known as Tree Man in local, with wood-like branches growing off his hands and feets, rendering him unable to perform daily routine. His only income is to be somewhat like in a circus, standing in a ring of crowd, parading in front of a paying audience alongside victims of other peculiar diseases, or you can call that freak-show.

The Tree Man, Dede get this weird illness after he was wounded at his knee at his youth. After suffocating like a freak for more than 20 years, he received treatment offer from Dr. Anthony Gaspari of the University of Maryland, a dermalogist. After testing samples of the lesions and Dede's blood, Dr Anthony Gaspari concluded that his affliction is caused by the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), a fairly common infection that usually causes small warts to develop on sufferers.

Dede is currently under treatment and recovering.

* since the picture is very weird for me, i decide to make it smaller on the front page. You can click for large picture, if you feel interesting.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Oooo....Allah tuhanmu...periuk kera ni sehingga boleh makan tikus!!

New and surprising founding recently, it is the world largest carnivorous plants even can eat the mice!! the botanist believed it is the gene mutation and evolution of the plant world.

Mengapa? you are plant!! you sepatutnya vegetarian baru betul!!!


A giant plant that can gobble up bugs and even rodents has been discovered in Southeast Asia.The carnivorous plant (nepenthes attenboroughii) was found by researchers atop Mt. Victoria, a remote mountain in Palawan, Philippines. The research team, led by Stewart McPherson of Red Fern Natural History Productions, had learned of the plant in 2000 after a group of Christian missionaries stumbled upon it while trekking up a remote mountain and reported it to a local newspaper.

The discovery, announced last week, was detailed in the Botanical Journal of the Linnean Society.

The pitcher plant is the world's second largest and can grow to more than 4 feet tall, with a pitcher-shaped structure filled with liquid. The plant secretes nectar around its mouth to lure rats, insects and other prey into its trap. Once an animal has fallen in, enzymes and acids in the fluid break down the carcass of the drowned victim.

"All carnivorous plants have evolved to catch insects but the biggest ones, such as this one, can eat rats and frogs," McPherson told LiveScience. "It's truly remarkable that a plant this big has been undiscovered for so long."

The world's largest pitcher plant (nepenthes rajah) was discovered in 1858 by British naturalist Hugh Low in Borneo. The plant's rat-eating habit was confirmed four years later when his colleague Spenser St. John found a drowned rat inside one of the specimens.

Though some have approached McPherson to ask about the likelihood of cultivating the monster plants as mouse traps for rodent-infested regions like New York City, the botanist (who also happens to specialize in pitcher plants) says he finds the idea "a bit far-fetched."

"Mice and rats are attracted to the sweet nectar of the plant, but it only catches them occasionally," says McPherson. "It just isn't practical. There will be too many mice for the plant to catch anyways."

As conclusion, hey boy beware yourself when tracking in the jungle especially your "kukubird", don't urine in the jungle!!haha

Malaysia First Polymer Note and comemorative note

Have you ever seen or used this RM50 denomination polymer note before? Maybe you will ask,our first polymer note is not the RM5 denomination? The answer is No!!

Furthermore, is that this note can be used? Yes!! It is the legal tender note issued by Bank Negara, it just up to whether you are willing or not! If you willing to do so, surely the person who receive this note must be very happy! At that period, this note was sold with the price RM80 (exclusive of the numismatic value and inflation), if you treat it as value of RM50, then you are the most stupid in country...

Malaysia is the 5th country in South East Asia that issued the polymer note. Commemorative Note issuing is very rarely in Malaysia money printing history. So far, it only happened two times since the independence. The first is as mentioned, the second is the 50th year of independence celebration.
In other words, commemorative note only issued for the high memorial value event in our country. Even at that year of 1998, commemorative note issued for memorial of sport event also quite rarely in the world. record, sure now is very common!

The following is the statement of Bank Negara about it. This limited edition of RM50 Commemorative Note was issued by Bank Negara Malaysia in co-operation with Sukom Ninety Eight Berhad on 1st June 1998 to commemorate the Kuala Lumpur '98 XVI Commonwealth Games. It was the first polymer banknote issued in Malaysia.

THE FRONT features the portrait of the first Seri Paduka Baginda Yang di-Pertuan Agong (King of Malaysia) on the right and the Kuala Lumpur city skyline with prominent landmarks in the centre. The Commonwealth Games Look Programme which features the stylised butterfly symbol and the gold-coloured Optical Variable Device (OVD) with the portrait of the first Seri Paduka Baginda Yang di-Pertuan Agong in the clear window appear on the left. The logo of Bank Negara Malaysia appears in the other clear window on the right of the note. The Kuala Lumpur International Airport is featured as the central backdrop. To the right, the background design shows the artist's impression of the Multimedia Super Corridor connecting Kuala Lumpur City Centre to Putrajaya, Cyberjaya and the new Kuala Lumpur International Airport. THE BACK design shows the National Stadium in Bukit Jalil in the centre. The logo of the Kuala Lumpur '98 XVI Commonwealth Games appears on the left of the note. All the prefix of this note carries KL/98 that represents Kuala Lumpur '98 XVI Commonwealth Games.

Main Security Features

  • Optical Variable Devise
  • Two clear windows
  • Intaglio micro-letterings
  • Rainbow printing
  • See-through registration
  • Anti-scanner/copier patterns
  • Invisible inks fluorescing under ultra-violet light

No rice given to you anymore, Xuan!!

She is my niece, called Chong Wen Xuan, 5 years old. She always called herself as "Xuan Xuan Girl". She is a very naughty little girl that always running here running there at my home. My dad and mum very sayang her, always treat her like pearl on hand. When she meets the stranger, then she will be a very shy girl and uses her two palms to cover the face. However, she is very expertises in "teh"(buat manja) my dad, mum and sisters. Her most favourite food is "fun fries", however start from today, i decide do not let her to eat anymore her favourite food, KFC, Pizza, roti canai.... and she had undergone series of rigorous ans strict training!!

why? because yesterday was her kindergarten sport day, her group was the last group and loser in the game!! aiya, manyak mempersiasuikan uncle-nya, Nobita. Since her uncle was the sporty person,sporty body line and cutting and even the "school sport team" in the school before, how can her niece like that!! (hopefully my ex-schoolmate do not read to this post, hahah ) .

Finally, i had decided.....

i decide to keep fit her body size, just let her to eat the energy bar and run about 5km per day!!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Malaysia First Submarine - KD Tunku Abdul Rahman

Diagram: KD Tunku Abdul Rahman

The Royal Malaysian Navy has progressed extensively since its establishment in 1934, before the outbreak of World War II. In August 1952, Queen Elizabeth II, bestowed the "Royal" title which was "Royal Malayan Navy" to the Malayan Naval Force in recognition of the sterling service in action during the Malayan Emergency.

The naval force which then began with wooden ship, given by the British Government. At the year 2009, Malaysia owned the two first submarine which are called KD Tunku Abdul Rahman and KD Tun Abdul Razak (the latter expected come at 2010) , even military submarine ownership is very common for the other countries like Indonesia and Singapore for long time ago, but Malaysian Government still very proud for the ownership, never mind as Malaysian citizens, we should “shiok bersama-sama”.

In order to celebration of our submarines ownerships and also the conjunctioon of 75th Anniversary of Royal Malaysian Navy, Bank Negara Malaysia was issued the commemorative coin to mark this "large event".

EXTRA edition!!!!

Where is the most strategic location to park our proudly new submarine?

The Royal Malaysian Navy said that it is the military secret. After I studied the strategic management I would like to suggest our government that the Submarine should be parking at River Klang, Kuala Lumpur. Why?

Because..... because.... it is more easy for our BN government can used it to "tembak" the illegal assembly helded by the Pakatan Rakyat or NGO....hahah

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

What are their differents?

If you are about 20 years above, these 2 pieces of RM5 ringgit denomination must not strange for you. However, do you know RM 5 actually has 2 different designs existed in the market before?

The main different among these 2 notes are the flagpole, the Diagram 1 shows the beam flagpole and Diagram 2 shows the cross flagpole. It is the "design error" that cross flagpole is wrong, if compared to the real situation at that time(official statement of Bank Negara) . Some of the collectors also viewed that it may be due to the religious factor that conflicted with Islam.

It is only happened once in Malaysia Banknotes printing history.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

How can I don't afraid? (Part II)

Who can help my friends? Do you all still remember one of my “dearest friend” that I had mentioned at the previous post? The symptom was broken out already!!! The new symptom of H1N1, the virus was mutated!!!He don't want to seek the advice from Dr...

hey guys,please try to advice him to seek help from Dr...

Monday, August 17, 2009

How can i don't afraid???

Today, I attended my tuition class at Seri Kembangan as usual. At the end of the class around 10pm, I was taking attendance...

I: Ching Lik Wai... Ching Lik Wai... Who is Ching Lik Wai?

Students: Oh, Mr Lam, he was now became one of the H1N1 sufferer ...

I: Don't main-main, cakap betul-betul..

Students: Yalah, teacher, his class got 5 students were declared as the H1N1 patients... now quarantined period..

I: OMG!!!! he attended my class last Monday!!!

How can I don't afraid!!

God arr!!! I always do the charity job, I never bury beggar, always help people, never carry on a clande stine love affair with other lady, never peek aunty bathing!!!

So far, YOU never choose me as weekly "mabiu" winner, YOU will not choose me as H1N1 Award winner right?? Actually, I also quite worry for my dearest neighbour, Mr Ng Wei Chong...because....because... he was the teacher taught him at last Thursday!!!! hahaha

What memories that Abdullah left for you?

What memories that Abdullah left for me? The Former Prime Minister who are so likes to sleep?The shortest politic life PM?

The answer is "The Commemorative Proof Coin of Rancangan Malaysia Ke-9". This commemorative was issued by Bank Negara at the year 2005 in conjunction the launching of Rancangan Malaysia Ke-9 by Abdullah Badawi.

The following coin I owned as the picture below was made by Stering Silver 92.5% with the denomination RM10 and limited mintage. This is the only coin with the portrait of our 5th Primer Minister.

Rubber Export Coupon

What is rubber coupon? Why selling the rubber need coupon? This was a history after the World War II at the Malaya.

Before World War II, The Malay States were the world's largest producer of natural rubber. In an effort to increase the world price of rubber, restrictions were placed on the export of rubber. Rubber growers were issued Rubber Export Coupons based on the size their rubber plantation and the age of their trees. The coupons had to be turned in when the rubber was exported. Many small producers found it easier and more profitable to sell or trade their rubber coupons than to actually harvest and sell their quota of rubber it is because the rubber farmers only can sell their rubber based on the coupon's budget they had, since all the people also wanted to own the coupons, the coupon be valuable papers. Therefore, the coupons became a form of currency in many rubber growing areas.

The coupon had listed the name of states, it means only legal at certain states, the picture shown above is only valid at Johore(Johor). The following are another series that i owned, hopefully will gain the varieties at future,haha...

Siamese-Chinese porcelain gambling tokens

What is this? Have you ever seen it? This is the Siamese -Chinese porcelain gambling tokens, this tokens had been used as monetary coins for daily trading at 17th -18th century at Northern Malay States. This kind of the coin are issued by the Gambling Center, in other word people of the ancient time, they purposely working to earn this kind of the gambling tokens , since you owned this kind of the gambling tokens, you can gamble at the gambling centers. Since all the people was very trusted for these tokens, they also treated it as money for trading. Can you imagined how large the gambling industry at that period?

"Siamese porcelain tokens (pees) began as tokens used in a casinio game called Fantan around 1820. These were much easier to use than the bars of silver that was legal tender in Siam at the time. The coins became so popular that they were used in trade throughout the kingdom until they were banned in 1875. Pees could be exchanged for silver coins, so unscrupulous businessmen ordered porcelain tokens from China at a discount. To counter, the casinos changed designs on the tokens often, and there may now be as many as eight thousands different designs. Despite the ban, pees were used as underground money well into the twentieth century, and can be found in antique shops and from coin dealers worldwide. "

Remarks: Nobita's Collection Ogos 2009