Friday, August 28, 2009

Kisah Sekeping Syiling 50 sen (Part 2)

It is the fake coin!!! Do you know that there are a lot of the fake coin that exists in our market today. In order to prove that it is the fake, let me show you one of the "treasury collection", 50 sen proof coin as reference to illustrate the pro and cons among of then. Proof coin is the special made coin that are very detailed in every part of the coin and usually made by precious metal such as copper, silver or gold. At the ancient time proof coin was used by the bank counter to check the geniality of the coin as last time 20 sen also was consider very valuable. However, nowadays the proof coin more to just the collection of the collector rather than checking purpose as coin is less value and replaced by the machine to do the identification job.

You should know that all the coin actually is molded by same designed mold. However, our Malaysia coin factory also has his own problem in molding the coin before that especially at the year 2000-2002 , you will find that the coin actually is a little bit different in cutting and appearances as usual, someone said that it was because of the Perkilangan Syling Malaysia facing the technical problem and subcontract the project to other country. However, start from 2003 our coins actually as "identical same" with the mold start using at the year 1989 and only in different in year.

Try to compared carefully for this two coin, you will identify the problem of the fake coin. They are not the same, the track of the kite, the word style of "Bank Negara Malaysia", at the reverse even the security edge cutting of the coin which written "BANK NEGARA MALAYSIA" also not the same in length, more lighter only about 8.33g which 1 g more lighter than genuine coin.

As, conclusion it is fake coin!!!!!!

It was the latest news about the 50 sen fake coin.

However according to my experience, it is not the latest version of fake coin. The fake coin i shows actually is the old version of fake coin, which is very easy to identify. However, my collector friends told me that, the latest version even can said that more than 95% above is the same, even the bank machine also fail to identify. It only different in weight and BANK NEGARA MALAYSIA term at the reverse are a little shallow in track.


  1. aiyooo.. duit palsu rupanya..
    luckily nobody answer it correct or else he or she would've die receiving nobita's kiss ;D *evil grin* just jk ya nobita.. hehe

  2. so lucky that no one answered it correctly... =p

    btw, i still couldnt see those differences eh.. haha~

  3. it's very hard to detect fake coins.. i wouldnt bother check one either.. =P

  4. there look alomst same , really hard to define which is fake one .
    u really expert ar.
    Next time i bring a bag of 50cents , help me check out ,hahaha

  5. soon tak so happy when get fake coins?

  6. Yee yee: so cha sui...

    Kenwooi: better do it..maybe you will get surprise

    cHynYi: ok, every 10 coins checking, 1 charge 1 coin,hahah

    Khim Hoe: Do you know how hard to get fake coin? it can increase my collection portfolio...