Monday, August 17, 2009

What memories that Abdullah left for you?

What memories that Abdullah left for me? The Former Prime Minister who are so likes to sleep?The shortest politic life PM?

The answer is "The Commemorative Proof Coin of Rancangan Malaysia Ke-9". This commemorative was issued by Bank Negara at the year 2005 in conjunction the launching of Rancangan Malaysia Ke-9 by Abdullah Badawi.

The following coin I owned as the picture below was made by Stering Silver 92.5% with the denomination RM10 and limited mintage. This is the only coin with the portrait of our 5th Primer Minister.


  1. hahaha, today loo, pui yee recommend me punya,haha

    you are my first visitor,haha. weicome to my collection galleries..

  2. the guy in the coin doesnt look like him...

  3. tak sama mie? y i felt macam woh!!