Saturday, August 22, 2009

No rice given to you anymore, Xuan!!

She is my niece, called Chong Wen Xuan, 5 years old. She always called herself as "Xuan Xuan Girl". She is a very naughty little girl that always running here running there at my home. My dad and mum very sayang her, always treat her like pearl on hand. When she meets the stranger, then she will be a very shy girl and uses her two palms to cover the face. However, she is very expertises in "teh"(buat manja) my dad, mum and sisters. Her most favourite food is "fun fries", however start from today, i decide do not let her to eat anymore her favourite food, KFC, Pizza, roti canai.... and she had undergone series of rigorous ans strict training!!

why? because yesterday was her kindergarten sport day, her group was the last group and loser in the game!! aiya, manyak mempersiasuikan uncle-nya, Nobita. Since her uncle was the sporty person,sporty body line and cutting and even the "school sport team" in the school before, how can her niece like that!! (hopefully my ex-schoolmate do not read to this post, hahah ) .

Finally, i had decided.....

i decide to keep fit her body size, just let her to eat the energy bar and run about 5km per day!!


  1. puik! very nice body cutting.. wahaha

  2. i read it... hahaha
    i think u more mempersiasuikan lo...

  3. are you the nobita i always saw? nice body cutting? you sporty? Dont think so wor, how?. :P throwing face. wahahaha...

  4. 5km per day?!
    u wan her compete in next olympia meh?

  5. When did u bcome so thick face?? I think now i can run more faster than u lo.. zzzz
    Don chui sui la, later u "mempersiasuikan" in front of ur little niece...

  6. Choon, Jac, Susan, Honey: you all manyak sui lah!!

    Chynyi: ya, his uncle last time was the 亚运会champion, “亚”亦君令平乐华小“运”动“会”...哈哈

  7. i cant help but agree with the rest. really beh tahan when i read this blog of urs...self-praising.
    i want to borrow ur mirror next time since it got slimming effect....wahahaha