Thursday, August 20, 2009

Malaysia First Submarine - KD Tunku Abdul Rahman

Diagram: KD Tunku Abdul Rahman

The Royal Malaysian Navy has progressed extensively since its establishment in 1934, before the outbreak of World War II. In August 1952, Queen Elizabeth II, bestowed the "Royal" title which was "Royal Malayan Navy" to the Malayan Naval Force in recognition of the sterling service in action during the Malayan Emergency.

The naval force which then began with wooden ship, given by the British Government. At the year 2009, Malaysia owned the two first submarine which are called KD Tunku Abdul Rahman and KD Tun Abdul Razak (the latter expected come at 2010) , even military submarine ownership is very common for the other countries like Indonesia and Singapore for long time ago, but Malaysian Government still very proud for the ownership, never mind as Malaysian citizens, we should “shiok bersama-sama”.

In order to celebration of our submarines ownerships and also the conjunctioon of 75th Anniversary of Royal Malaysian Navy, Bank Negara Malaysia was issued the commemorative coin to mark this "large event".

EXTRA edition!!!!

Where is the most strategic location to park our proudly new submarine?

The Royal Malaysian Navy said that it is the military secret. After I studied the strategic management I would like to suggest our government that the Submarine should be parking at River Klang, Kuala Lumpur. Why?

Because..... because.... it is more easy for our BN government can used it to "tembak" the illegal assembly helded by the Pakatan Rakyat or NGO....hahah

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