Monday, August 24, 2009

"Kisah Sekeping Syiling 50 sen" (Part 1)

This 5o sen coin was received at the last month from an economic rice shop. When i received, it gave me a very cordial feeling, then i looked at it further carefully... I was smiling and showing a very happiness expression to the the boss. Maybe in the mind of the boss.."budak ni gila kerr, tak benar tengok 50 sen syiling ker?"(is that this guy never see the 50 sen coin)

Do you know why was I smiling at that time? haha, quizz!!

Answer will be announced within a week!!

*Please click on the picture front page for larger presentation.

First prize: 1st kiss of Nobita!!

Hurry up, while stock last!!


  1. cuz it's a 2003 50 cents coin???

    pray hard my answer is incorrect!!! =p

  2. every year has different pattern of Wau and Bunga Raya !!

  3. wa... u guys wan a kiss from soon tak ar? ^_^;;;

  4. yee yee and phang: thank you for your bravery trial.gambateh. givev more answer mark up your wining chances, haha

    Kim hoe: do you know how valuable for it?

  5. puik! give kiss, no one wants.. at first i wanna try answer, but i see the prize, better not.. later i correct ad, how?

  6. Choon: it is very hard question, u betul baru cakap lah!!hahaha

  7. khim hoe: i can tell's worthless....

    hehe i better dun tell the answer....i rather die that kissed by this fei zhai.....

  8. rolex: ye ke different pattern of bunga raya? hurmm..

    nobita: bcoz the boss is so ugly that made u smiled? lol