Wednesday, August 26, 2009

How long of "your" penis?

Who has the largest penis in the world? Are you? Seon? Khim Hoe? Choon? hahaha, don't berlagak lah (pretend), how can you compared your "little brother" with our largest mamal in the world - BLUE WHALES!!!Have you ever seen the penis of our whales?

Wah!! you see as shown in the diagram beside, how fertile for its little brother, look carefully it is under the relax state only. Try to imagine, while the expansion long it should be? Do you jealous for the happiness of the female whales?hahaha

I think eating whales penis is "more supplement value" than the tiger penis, deer penis, since it has the more energitic value. Moreover, whales (and dolphins) have some control over their penises: they can move it and - to a certain degree - bend its tip to facilitate mating! Wah!!!!!!!

Question is coming,hahah

How long of the penis (under expansion) do you think for a mature blue whales? (The answer is only an approximation and average.)

hurry!! yee yee and choon were the winner of this section!! even google the answer!! very good study behavior!!


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  2. i knew u r very jealous....robitak....

  3. weichong, you finally had an google account to comment!! haha~

  4. yee yee and Jkie: tak sangka dia purposely buka satu account come here "chai cheong"..

  5. hahah nobita is that Double U + C that u're talking about? ;D

  6. wahahaha....NOBITA's be that long

  7. 8 feet 8 feet.. google ad.. cannot be wrong wan.. haha