Monday, August 17, 2009

Rubber Export Coupon

What is rubber coupon? Why selling the rubber need coupon? This was a history after the World War II at the Malaya.

Before World War II, The Malay States were the world's largest producer of natural rubber. In an effort to increase the world price of rubber, restrictions were placed on the export of rubber. Rubber growers were issued Rubber Export Coupons based on the size their rubber plantation and the age of their trees. The coupons had to be turned in when the rubber was exported. Many small producers found it easier and more profitable to sell or trade their rubber coupons than to actually harvest and sell their quota of rubber it is because the rubber farmers only can sell their rubber based on the coupon's budget they had, since all the people also wanted to own the coupons, the coupon be valuable papers. Therefore, the coupons became a form of currency in many rubber growing areas.

The coupon had listed the name of states, it means only legal at certain states, the picture shown above is only valid at Johore(Johor). The following are another series that i owned, hopefully will gain the varieties at future,haha...

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