Monday, August 17, 2009

How can i don't afraid???

Today, I attended my tuition class at Seri Kembangan as usual. At the end of the class around 10pm, I was taking attendance...

I: Ching Lik Wai... Ching Lik Wai... Who is Ching Lik Wai?

Students: Oh, Mr Lam, he was now became one of the H1N1 sufferer ...

I: Don't main-main, cakap betul-betul..

Students: Yalah, teacher, his class got 5 students were declared as the H1N1 patients... now quarantined period..

I: OMG!!!! he attended my class last Monday!!!

How can I don't afraid!!

God arr!!! I always do the charity job, I never bury beggar, always help people, never carry on a clande stine love affair with other lady, never peek aunty bathing!!!

So far, YOU never choose me as weekly "mabiu" winner, YOU will not choose me as H1N1 Award winner right?? Actually, I also quite worry for my dearest neighbour, Mr Ng Wei Chong...because....because... he was the teacher taught him at last Thursday!!!! hahaha


  1. oh!!! tomorrow dont wanna see you at night class. Quarantine urself for 7 days~ hahaha.

  2. hey, what school are those pupils come from?

  3. never ask them... pls bless for our coursemate, Mr Doraemoon, he is coughing now...

  4. Oh~~~ then should i come tomorrow night? i have big responsibility in my school. piak piak!~~ :P

  5. why ah u all...keep spreading Germs around...HIGH RISK ppl wear mask NOBITA N SUSAN!!!-Michael

  6. yo
    tomolo u guys better wear mask all d time...aspecially doreamon
    i hav great responsibility too

  7. hey, i am save here. why mike say i am high risk ppl? nobita and doremon le~~