Sunday, September 6, 2009

Now women get the chance to bite back!!

Hey man!! Think carefully, if you would like to rape someone...

This is product designed by Sonette Ehlers, South Africa. South Africa has the world's highest rate of sexual assault: a staggering 1.7m women are raped each year.

It called "Rapex", condom-like weapon protect you from being raped.

When you feel you are under the "danger" situation, plug in this Rapex inside your cervix. When someone would like to rape you, it will trap, cut in and attach on his "little brother "(no need explain so detailed lah, understand right?) . Can you imagine how painful it is?

It is not easy be removed, you had to do it with the assistance of surgeon.

Oh my god.. what a crazy product!!!


  1. D7: do you interesting to buy one for hari raya gift?

  2. whatthaaaaa.. nobita!! why dont u buy one for urself.. in case ;p