Wednesday, September 2, 2009

1 Malaysia Stamp Series (Part 2)

These are the Rukun Negara Series and Pencapaian Diutamakan Series, limited edition only sold at Pej Pos Besar KL, Putrajaya. These 2 series only sold in booklet form, like picture shown. Now ebay is selling with the price RM20!! issue price cuma RM3!! I will try to find it at flea market, whether got cheaper or not...


  1. PUTRAJAYA.... near ur place ma..faster go n grab!!

  2. today already 2 Sept, grab ape? my friend said yesterday before 1pm, this booklet series was sold out already...

  3. if can find... buy extra for me also ya! ^_^

  4. tapi maybe a little bit mahal lerr,if really follow the ebay price, i rather tak mao beli..

    i check the price 1st lah.

    remember i help u to buy, not sell to u woooooo, hahah