Thursday, September 3, 2009

Friday Special: Have you ever seen such a long of snake?

Oh my god!! Have you ever seen such a long of snake? It was found while the deforestation at Borneo Island, Malaysia. I am not sure whether in Sabah or Sarawak...

It really seem alike with the Anaconda movie for long time ago, even the human also unable to carry it...

Try to imagine that if you meet it in the jungle? Do you still can alive?


  1. faster climb tree. btw, snake like it (so big and fat) know climb up the tree?

  2. I wonder how they manage to kill it o_o

  3. Susan: i dun know, do you want to investigate it practically? sure will got another same size at this jungle!!

    Khim Hoe: i think the snake was just had eaten its big meal, so cannot move anymore. The deforestation worker maybe using that bulldozer to kill it...

  4. today saw newspaper published this photo, at sin chew 10 July 2010 newspaper. This make a big suprise for me because this newspaper published that this snake is found at Sungai Siput forest at 9 July 2010!!! What a funny joke!!!

  5. Susan: i think tat is fake news, they had declared after that