Saturday, September 12, 2009

They seem alike, but great differences actually..

Do you still remember these 2 pieces of RM20 denomination note? They may always be seen at your childhood? or you had forgotten them already? The RM20 denomination note had become a historical denomination note and do not come out yet in Malaysia money printing history.

However, do you have looked carefully for them? These 2 pcs of RM20 are seem alike but they are great different actually! The 1st series was circulated at the year 1982-1984 which signed by Gabenor Abdul Aziz and the latter was circulated within 1986-1987 which signed by Gabenor Jaafar' Hussein. The main differences of these 2 notes are the watermark, all the Malaya or Malaysia notes before 1986 were used the "tiger mark" as the note watermark. even before and after independence until 1986. Since 1986, the tiger watermark was replaced by the Agung Portrait Watermark and is using until nowadays. (However, note watermark only can be seen through the light, which cannot be shown in the diagram)

Another great difference among of them is the Agung Expression, look at it yourself! haha

However, I prefer the 1982-1984 series than 1986-1987, how about you?


  1. 12 blogs for 12 days in september ....u really very free to write blog everyday hor....

  2. sorry arrr, i will continue my home task, i am reading the OFC financial statement now...

    dun angry...

  3. omg nobita..
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  4. d7: bukan panjang sangat, 3-4 jam aje1!HAHA