Thursday, September 24, 2009

"Jar-Ball" Ceremony (Breast Extruding Ceremony)

Every July of Chinese Lunar Calendar is known as “Ghost Festival”. Ghost Festival considered as one of the great animism celebration of Chinese population. Chinese has different ways to celebrate the Ghost Festival according to different ethnics. One of the small ethnic of Chinese, known "Yi-Zhu, 彝族"(populated at the southern of China) , they have a quite exciting celebration way to celebrate the Ghost Festival. They call as Breast Extruding Ceremony.

What is Breast Extruding Ceremony? According to the Chinese Cultural Record Book, at the Ghost Festival, the Yi-Zhu will be having the praying,singing and dancing ceremony at the main street of their village. Such a ceremony is symbolizing happiness and freedom. The non-married/single youth also tend to find their life partner at that ceremony, the man can simply extrude the breasts of the girls, and the girls will no angry. The man who are success to extrude the breasts or the girls whose breast being extruded are symbolizing as good luck and fortune.

Why? According to their belief, they said that millions of their ancestors were sacrificed their life in the past war. Majority of their ancestors never having the "happiness experience" in "marry life". So, they will come back and catch the women at the Ghost Festival for the "happiness experience". However the ghost do not like the girls whose breasts being extruded before! This is the reason why they having the Breast Extruding Ceremony.

Nowadays, the Breast Extruding Ceremony is declared as one of the unique culture in Chinese Cultural Record Book and still is performing until today! Every year, millions of the tourists purposely visit the Yi-Zu ethnic village and join the Breast Extruding Ceremony!!

hei , guys!!! What are you waiting for?

wah!! see how beautiful for the Yi-Zhu Girl!!


  1. Wah !an interesting ceromony attract many visitors going there.
    When u wan to go there ?

  2. Pls put my name in front if you planning a trip to there

  3. Chyn Yi: as fast as possible..hahah
    Seon: sure i have reserved a place for u in our "Jar Ball"trip...the lunar july just over, next year lah...haha