Monday, May 28, 2012

Pig Coupon in Malaya 1945?

A rubber relevant coupon , you may hear a lot of , but the coupon of swine you heard?

The 1940s was a troubled era, which experienced the Europe Great Depression and World War II. Malayan economy is almost no exception, and the current economy was fallen into paralysis and coupled with the locust army erosion so that people living in dire poverty. In order to solve the problem of the commodity price collapse, the British colonial government introduced the "coupon policy" and simple justice, is by controlling the supply to solve the price downturn predicament. The most common are dry rubber export coupon, and rubber coagulant unit coupon, rubber plantations share coupon, there are other less common varieties such as petrol coupon which is rare to be found nowaday.
Economic problems, it's impossible to be resolved, with the locust army erosion period. After it, Malayan was into the "small times in three years and eight months" sub era.

Until the locust army defeated followed by the British government resurgence. The economic problems still there. Greatly exceed market demand at that time caused a lot of people switched to engage in the supply of poultry, cattle, sheep, pigs almost and resulted oversupply of the poultry. In order to address the problem, British government introduced poultry coupon which were Pig Coupon, Sheep Coupon and Cattle Coupon. The circulation time of such of coupons was very short, all of three can be said to be extremely rare items to be seem nowadays, among Sheep Coupon (cyan) is the rarest.

As the unofficial information of former farmer stated that any poultry farmers to slaughter pigs, cattle, sheep, must purchase a similar coupon and the coupon issuance was limited at 1945. Such of coupon was more pupolar at Perak State compared other malay states.

Literature in this regard is still no way to find, kindly to assist if you have whatsoever of relevant information.


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