Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A new price was hammered for two pieces of 70th Century Malaysia Commemorative Proof Coin in 30th Mavin International Auction

Malaysia Series Commemorative Proof Coins has hammered to a new price again at 30th Mavin International, Singapore. Two piece of relatively rare and historical 70th century series proof coins were dealt at price SGD 950 + 18% buyer premium each (approximately RM2900).

Based on the official statement from Bank Negara Malaysia that the mintage volume of both coins are 500 pcs but due to the preservation manner and awareness is less prioritised in that period of time, a lot of them were oxidised or lost in luster again beside a number of them has been disappeared.

A well condition set is really hard to get! Grap it, if you still have a chance to meet them in market!!

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