Sunday, October 28, 2012

Coronation of Agong XIV Gold Commemorative Proof Coin (2012) had been hammered with a ridiculous poor price at Monetorium Auction, Oct 2012

In recent years, Malaysia modern proof coin is one of the hot collection theme by the coin enthusiasts, it is also the fastest growing in average value at the local market at these 2-3 years . However, in the international arena, it may not be able to truly reflect the local market phenomenon, several international auction results seem dissapointed even hanging far below the market trading price. The result of October Monetorium Auction, Singapore has even make more people popping especially the recent issue limited gold coin, The heads of state of coronation commemorative proof gold coins has been traded  at lower than the issue price. It is really contemptible!

In addition, 50th year anniversary of National Flower commemorative proof gold coins is also lower than the market price of transactions, marked only around RM2050.

Worth mentioning is the 1976 commemorative gold coins of the conservation of animals marked in price about RM 18,000 which is slightly higher than the market expectation.

Sold at SGD 600 + 15-18% auction premium 
= Approx RM1,725 - RM 1,770
Issue Price : RM1800

Sold at SGD 700 + 15-18% auction premium
= Approx RM 2,012 - RM 2,065

Sold at SGD 6300 + 15-18% auction premium
= Approx RM18, 113 - RM 18, 585

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