Monday, October 12, 2009

What? Bra?

yes, don't be surprise, it is bra. However it is not for you...(if you are interesting, sure you can own and wear it, haha)

Recent years, the Chinese "paper handicraft item" has been quite creative, it are not like what we have seen at previous such as the car, paper notes,cloth,television, hand phone...

The business man are very smart, they even come out the "Paper-made Bra". Don't think it was a joke, it is hottest "paper handicraft item" at Qing Ming Festival (ancestors memorial day), 2009.

So, what are you waiting, crap it fast!!


  1. isit after they watch where got ghost? the ah ma want the bra with mickey mouse picture

  2. kei kei: do you want a set? the cone shape is suitable for you..hahah