Thursday, June 23, 2011

The mystical of Malaysia 1 cent coin, 1976

How much do you think the real value of this 1 cent, 1976 coin? One cents? are exactly wrong.  This coin is one of auction hotspot items of 28th Mavin International Auction, Singapore at coming 13 and 28 July 2011. The floor price of this coin is SGD250 up!! (exclusive of 15% auction premium and 5% GST) Most people expect it may get a "surprising" bidding result at the end. 

Why it is so misterious? According to official record from Central Bank of Malaysia, it did not had any 1 cent coin issued at 1976, but why it is existed? No one can answer it... it is believed less than mintage 100 pieces existed.

Realised: SGD 1400 exclusive of auction premium and GST

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