Wednesday, February 24, 2010


How many you ever seen the RM1000 banknote in your life? The RM1000 banknote was terminated from issuing since the year 1998. Do you have the experience trading with using RM1000 notes at the 90th century?

The following "SA-RIBU" banknote can be said as the most treasury collection in Malaysia Banknotes Series, RM1000 banknotes (the largest face value) at the year 1967!!! ( the 1st banknote designation issued by Bank Negara). Can you imagine how great the value of 1000 ringgit at the time 1967? enough for wedding budget? tripping? or even buy a bungalow?

The another reason of the "SA-RIBU" banknotes below become treasury collection is it is not a circulated banknote, it is SPECIMEN note!! What is specimen note?

"Specimen notes are issued to let other banks, and treasuries know about newly issued notes, that are about to be released. They may released in sets or as individual notes.

Many times theses notes will have all zero serial numbers. To keep them form being used as actual currency ( they are not legal tender, nor are they redeemable ) they will perforate or over-print the notes with Specimen or similar wording in their country's language. Some of the wording currently used is as follows:"

Specimen note issuing is extremely rare phenomenon in Malaysia Banknote History, it only issues in a very small quantity, thus it is high value for collection.


  1. yee yee: do you know how much is it?haha

  2. Hi Nobita

    We are only in the 21st century. You are (90th century) way ahead of us LOL!.

    RM1000 in 1967? No, you can't buy a bungalow for RM1000 unless the property is contaminated or toxic etc and no one wants it. A terrace single storey 3 bedrooms house would cost you between RM10,000 to RM20,000 brand new and depending where you are. A brand new Honda Motorcycle (the lowest cc capacity type) would cost you approx. RM700 (+/-). Whether if you can paid for your wedding then, that depends where you want to have your reception at. If at a hawker stall, then it's plenty. A bowl of noodle would only cost you 10 sen, with clear soup or curry (curry laska). Any add-on is 5 sen (fish ball etc). A bus trip for student is about 5 sen and a movie ticket (cheapest) is ranging between 40 to 60 sen, again, it's all depending where you are too.

    Nice site you got here.